[ Read ] An Ask Polly Piece: “I Want to Be a Writer, But I Can’t Stop Wasting My Life on Instagram!”

(Link to full article    here   )

(Link to full article here)

When you first read the title you think, “what does being on Instagram have to do with aspiring to be a writer?” But read on and you’ll soon find out this is much, much more than a struggling writer hoping to overcome writer’s block. And I think any creative would find this particular “ask” extremely relatable and the answer itself truly beneficial.

I always find myself asking why I chose a line of work that is so deeply woven in social media yet deal with my own internal struggles of maintaining a mental balance through the difficulties derived from these digital platforms. And each time, I teeter such a delicate line of deciding between quitting social media for my mental and emotional relief and staying digitally connected to further propel my mission of spreading positive messaging for mental health.

This article really hit home for me since I do gain a lot of my creative inspiration from being so adamantly engaged in the digital sphere—discovering other creatives, exploring different types of work, connecting with people who teach me new perspectives. But inversely enough, it has made me feel disconnected to my own work, making me feel as though I’m not “creative” enough to offer the impactful change as I strive for.

I’m not going to say anymore because I do think this is worth reading in its entirety. Polly answers this reader’s ask in a thorough and sophisticated manner with such articulate eloquence that everyone will take away significant insights.

(Link to full article here)

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