[ Watch ] "Metronome"

I am inexhaustibly inspired by the many creative people I have in my life. Everyday, I feel truly blessed to meet the people I meet and learn the ways each person is courageously moving through life. And even more so, I realize why fate had it in such that I meet specific people in specific moments. Quyn Duong is one of those people. She opened up an entire creative world of event photography I wasn't aware of, which in turn, led my attention to her other unique projects.

This short film uniquely narrates a silent journey of a dancer who seeks salvation in a former ballerina boarding school. At a glance, Quyn uses romantic instrumentals and soft visuals to set the dreamy mood. But through a deeper intention, the film demonstrates concepts of resistance, memory, and acceptance gracefully expressed as one woman's inner dialogue. 

I am all about interweaving various expressions of art to tell a complex story that leaves you with chilling, but satisfying, introspection and I had to share this masterpiece made by my friend.

I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did. And thank you Quyn for sharing your art.

(Full video can found here)