Monday, November 24, 2014

Faux the Love of Fur

Photography and edited by Anthony King

I'm back with my collaboration with Foxiedox

Remember my outfit post featuring Foxiedox's Bambi Faux Fur Bolero vest here? Well here is Foxiedox's Double Time faux fur vest! Foxiedox is still a new company but they are definitely taking the faux fur vest concept by storm. With products sold at Nordstrom, Foxiedox completely gets the young New Yorker who is trying to determine her urban street style yet isn't afraid to stand out and be bold in doing so. Foxiedox's motto is "Expect the bullshit. But never accept it."--if that doesn't say badass enough, then I don't know what does. They're vests, which are totally animal-friendly and vegan, add that extra edge and street chic flare to any outfit. It pulls the outfit together and gives it texture but it's also really warm and soft, which is ideal for the incoming winter since I don't want to be hiding in heavy winter jackets all the time. Faux fur vests are definitely staple pieces for this season so make sure you get yours asap...rocky. 

In this particular outfit, I paired my Double Time vest with my baby blue (super) soft Club Monaco cropped turtleneck sweater and asymmetrical black and white skirt from Mason & Belle. I wanted to keep the colors simple and light since the vest already makes a statement with its bold black color. It tied the outfit together with its fur texture layer and completed the wintery sweater/skirt combo. I am obsessed with how versatile this vest is and can't wait to add it to the rest of my wardrobe!

Got another Foxiedox collaboration post coming soon so stay posted!

Faux-ever yours,
Mai Sunshine

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Leather Tough

Mango blazer (similar here), thrifted corset (similar here), H&M faux leather pants (similar here), Uniqlo legwarmers, H&M booties (similar here)
Photography by Pedro Morales
Edited by me

We all have that bit of edge in us. Whether we come off as sweet, funny, or chill, we also need some tough skin to get through the daily life struggles. It's easy to be taken advantage of when you're too accommodating and often times we end up sacrificing our own happiness along the way. I try to remind myself everyday that the assertive one gets her goals accomplished while also staying humble and honest. Don't compromise your ambitions to satisfy the needs of others, especially in this competitive industry. Stay tough, stay focused, stay you. Your passion will take you far.

These faux leather pants made me feel so edgy and I thought about how I, too, have that side in me even though I come off shy or introverted. There's a part of me that has this constant drive to push forward and work harder to fulfill my dreams. This outfit made me feel like I could take on so much (figuratively of course because I don't think these leggings can physically do much for me) while looking sexy. I accented the leather bottoms with a bustier corset top to keep the look edgy and contrasted with an oversized chic white blazer. If you get the chance, definitely check out the Mango outlet website because they have amazing deals. I got this blazer for only $17! Since my booties were leather too, I refrained from making the bottom half look like a leather onesie but differentiating with textured legwarmers I wore as socks. I am in love with this outfit and I wish it was warm again to wear it out because it's so urban chic with a tough edge.

Focused and driven,
Mai Sunshine

Style tip: Leather leggings make a statement all themselves so keep the rest of the outfit simple. I chose to work with monochromatic colors so I could play with textures like the corset and socks. 

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stop and Stare

Zara leather jacket (similar here), Image boutique dress (similar here), thrifted flannel (similar here), H&M hat (similar here), Steve Madden booties (similar here)
Photography by Pedro Morales
Edited by me

Have you seen that video of a woman walking the streets of New York for 10+ hours and being catcalled by men? It went viral for a good amount of time and created a lot of controversy about feminism. After seeing it myself, I can understand why these people made the video. I'm in New York a lot and most of the time I am walking alone either to work or to meet up with someone or whatever. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been catcalled--it's almost too routinely and quite frankly, pretty uncomfortable for me. I hate that I have to cover up as much as I can or not reveal too much just because I don't want strangers catcalling me. And it's not like I want to wear skimpy clothing or anything, even a nice dress or skirt can be dangerous to walk around in without grabbing attention from random men. I just want to wear what I want to wear and feel comfortable in it for myself, whether I'm wearing tight jeans or a bodycon dress. 

Anyways, that's my food for thought for this particular post because it's exactly what happened when we were shooting this outfit, which is perfectly exemplified in one of the photos above. I absolutely love this knit midi dress I bought in Cali for just $20 and couldn't wait to bring out for fall. It's extremely flattering but still classy in its midi length and keyhole cutout that doesn't reveal too much but just enough. I threw on my favorite (and very sentimental) leather jacket and tied a green flannel around to add texture and color but even while being pretty much covered, I couldn't avoid the uncomfortable stares. In fact, the guy in that picture that's looking back and staring actually said something in my ear as he walked past and it was unbelievably creepy. And with recent campaigns for feminism like #HeForShe, I am an advocate because I want to feel comfortable walking the streets of New York alone.

An extra long post about an important topic but I hope you all like!

Your average feminist,
Mai Sunshine

Style tip: With a bodycon midi dress, you want to be careful about not layering too much so you don't lose the figure and look short. I added the flannel to accentuate the waist but I stuck to short booties so the midi length didn't make me look short.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Cozy Stripes

Thrifted dress (similar here), thrifted faux shearling hooded cardigan (similar here), PacSun anorak (similar here), Asos thigh highs (similar here), Topshop platform sandals (similar here)
Photography and edited by Anthony King

You know when you have those moments when you're completely indecisive or just thoroughly confused? I'm sure we all do--I have them on a frequent basis especially when it comes to adult life decisions like career wise, blog wise, personal stuff. It's just too much pressure to choose something that will affect future outcomes that may or may not be potentially good for you. And now that I'm a recent grad still figuring out what I'm doing with myself, I'm learning that a lot of times the only way to truly understand what you want is by making mistakes. Well, at least that's how I see it. Without these mistakes, I'll never really know whether I want something or not until I realize how it affects me negatively, which may take a brief mental toll on me but that's part of learning life. Anyways, that's my little life lesson of the day, especially since I've been going through a lot lately and I'm sure we all have those moments as well when we're in an emotional slump over life. We all need someone to remind us that it'll all be okay. Just remember to breathe.

So to tie that brief introduction to this week's blog post, I guess you can say my indecisiveness played a part in my outfit. The weather is totally trolling us this season with random days of tundra temperatures and other days of nice warmth. And as I've mentioned in my previous post, you'll definitely be seeing me in my skirts and dresses for a while to grasp onto the bare legs look for as long as the temperatures will allow me. I got this dress over the summer at a Californian thrift shop and fell in love with its shift shape and vertical stripes. So to make it a little more "fall", I paired it with my tan thigh highs to keep the colors light. This faux shearling coat was probably the most genius thing I found at another thrift shop because it is so unbelievably warm and I probably won't stop wearing it. But I added a green anorak over to create a faux parka while still being able to wear both pieces separately. A very cozy and simple look for a warm fall Sunday afternoon (which is exactly when I had this shoot).

Stay cozy,
Mai Sunshine

Style tip: Don't be afraid to keep your sandals around for the fall season either. Wearing socks with them is perfectly okay and definitely this season's fashion trend.

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Friday, October 31, 2014

"I'm Late, I'm Late, For a Very Important Date!"

 H&M blazer borrowed from a friend, shirt via Wal-Mart, H&M skirt, Dharma Co. glasses, Converse sneakers, DIY pocket watch, brother's bow tie, ears and tail via Dollar Tree
Photography and edited by Anthony King

Happy Halloween!

I've been way too anxious to share this fun post with you guys. Halloween is easily one of my favorite holidays of the year solely because I enjoy dressing up in creative costumes and making it myself. I'm not much of  DIY-er but as you all know, I am a huge budget-saver. So when it comes to Halloween costumes, I have the most fun making them out of random things in my closet or buying them from my local thrift stores or dollar stores because no one should be spending more than $20 on a Halloween costume. The point is to be creative and unique!

And speaking of unique, I actually came up with this Halloween costume in a dream I once had. A month ago, I was trying to come up with a creative costume to top my Starbucks, peacock, and Agnes from Despicable Me costumes last year (yes, Halloween is a weekend event for me so more than one costume was obligatory). I guess it was subconsciously on my mind enough to dream about it because I woke up the next morning vividly remembering that I dressed up as the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I thought it was perfect because I already had most of the costume (borrowed a friend's red blazer and had the blue skirt and white Converses) and I just had to make the pocket watch and buy bunny ears. Plus, I liked the whimsical, cartoon-y idea of the character so I was really excited to share it on the blog--something a little different to celebrate this fun holiday. 

What did you costume(s) did you come up with this Halloween? And how will you be showing off your creative disguise? Would love to hear about some Halloween parties I can crash...just kidding...but not really.

Not tricked just treated,
Mai Sunshine

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Downtown Blues

Dress via Marshalls (similar here), cardigan via Image Boutique (similar here), H&M heeled booties (similar here), Aldo necklaces, bowler hat via eBay (similar here)
Photography by Pedro Morales
Edited by me

I'm finding it harder and harder to say goodbye to my dresses and skirts these days. They're what I feel most comfortable in (yes, I'd choose wearing a skirt over wearing jeans any day...don't judge me). It's not like I have the nicest of legs to show off, either. I have the knobbiest of knees, bruise way too easily for my own good, and clearly don't mind about my pricklies as much as I should (TMI?). But have me easily slip a dress on, throw a pair of spanx underneath, add a cardigan or outerwear, and I'll be one relaxed girl. So yes, expect me to be making the most of my skirts and dresses before the weather prohibits from doing so and get used to seeing those knobby knees of mine in the next few weeks.

I got this classy dress a while ago on one of my casual visits to Marshalls. That store has a way of reeling you in and making you buy more than you came for. But of course, I'm not complaining because anything I get from there is totally a bargain and worth it. The dress is a bodycon fit but not overly tight and I love the subtle texture and leg slits at the bottom. I kept it simple with a favorite slouchy cardigan of mine since it had multi-tones of gray. The rest of the look was minimal with layered necklaces from Aldo and my black bowler hat. A very casual and comfy look with a boho edge.

Stay warm and dry New York!

As always,
Mai Sunshine

Style tip: With such a simple dress, you don't want to take away from its classy details so pair with a simple neutral-toned outerwear and subtle accessories

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