Thursday, July 24, 2014


J. SIMPLE dress c/o, H&M hat, Report heels via Marshalls (similar here)
Photography and edited by Christopher Cheng

Lost wet dog? Large witty doorman? Legendary winsome dapper?
How about Little White Dress.

We've all heard about the Little Black Dress that is a staple item in every woman's closet, but what about the Little White Dress? Because if we have one side of the color spectrum, we must have its opposite, too. And while we're looking sexy or sassy in our black dresses in the evenings, we can also look classy and girly in our white dresses during the day, especially on beautiful summer days. J. SIMPLE was kind enough to give me the perfect white day dress that is completely flattering and unique with its cross-back straps and small cutout in the front. But they also offer a wide selection of clothing that are both affordable and trendy while staying different yet simple (I'm assuming that's how the name came about). So check them out because they definitely have something for everyone! I decided to pair the day dress with my new summer heels that I found at Marshalls for just $20. I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of summer heels and I'm so glad I didn't cave and buy pricier ones but instead found these babies at my favorite trusty discount store. To top it off (pun may or may not have been intended), I accessorized with a black wool hat to complete the chic look.

Thanks for reading!

Forever little,
Mai Sunshine

Style tip: Don't be afraid to pair brown and black together because the white dress keeps the colors from clashing

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A League of My Own

Thrifted top (similar here), thrifted flannel (similar here), Adidas NEO Label skirt c/o, Windsor heels
Photography and edited by Drew Dizon

If I haven't already emphasized it enough, thrift finds are the best finds. And here's the trick to thrifting for those who are still uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the idea: patience. At first, it does get pretty frustrating because you're browsing through what seems like endless racks of clothing, most of which are beyond outdated, and at some point you think to yourself, Why am I even in here? (I am guilty of this almost every single time). But really, you have to go in expecting not to find anything because when you do, it's one of the most satisfying shopping experiences, especially when you pay less than $10 for it. Which is why I am such a thrifting advocate because not only is it the most wallet-friendly alternative, but also because you'll find really unique pieces that you can proudly say is all your own. Best part is fashion recycles so you'll always find a way to style your finds into today's trends.

Anyways, that's how I came across this top and flannel button-down. I was looking for a varsity-type tee for a dance costume and within 10 minutes of searching the boys' section of a thrift store, I found this one. With just a snip, I managed to make it work for just $3. And I highly recommend finding flannels at thrift stores because this one happened to be a Forever 21 one but for $8 compared to the ones in Forever 21 for about $15. So I really encourage it! And because the entire outfit was very casual and streetwear, I decided to add a bit of girly flare with my favorite pair of heels.

Thanks for reading! I hope my thrift-shopping secrets helped :)

Mai Sunshine

Style tip: Add a pop of color by tying a colored flannel around your waist to the monochrome outfit without taking away from the top or bottom.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014


H&M cropped top, Urban Outfitters bralette (similar here), Uniqlo jeans (similar here), Nike free runs, Forever 21 sunglasses
Photography and edited by Drew Dizon

UPDATE: I'm selling some stuff from my closet on my Facebook page! Everything is under $10. I promise.

Sometimes, less is more. I don't mean less clothing, but I mean, keeping it simple. When I first started blogging, I always thought that I had to be extremely innovative and creative to really stand out amongst the crazy amounts of fashion bloggers out there. And it began to take a toll on me because I was stuck between being your average broke college (now, post-grad) girl on a strict budget and being a blogger keeping up with the latest fashion trends and styles. Somehow along the way, I lost myself and the reason why I started this blog. So after some serious reflection, I realized that it shouldn't be so much about keeping up or competing as it is about simply showcasing what fashion means to me and sharing one of greatest hobbies: styling. 

Anyways, I put that little introduction in there because 1) I was running out of things to write about since my life is boring and 2) this outfit is basic and average but it's still something I'd like to post up. I mean, we all have our simple days where all we want to do is throw on a tee and pair of jeans and call it a day, which is essentially what I did here. In fact, pairing basic pieces and keeping a monochrome color palette just so happens to be a popular look these days. White denim is a summer staple and just makes you pop instantly in the sun, especially if you happen to be just as tan as I am. I had to pair it with $5 knit crop top from H&M because the color wasn't so solidly gray but had hints of different shades as well. But since it was pretty loose (and I accidentally got a size too big), I wore my maroon bralette underneath since a bra would just look messy. And on simple days like these, my trusty Nike's are always my favorite. I'm seriously in love with them because they're so functional and completely comfortable.

A simple look for a casual Sunday.

Basic-ally yours,
Mai Sunshine

Style Tip: If you're more on the shorter side like me, then you probably understand my frustration with bunched up jeans at the ankle. That's why I like cuffing them up because not only does it solve the mess but also makes you appear taller when you show a bit of ankle. 

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Fourth of July Series: Rosie

Kendall & Kylie for PacSun chambray (similar here), H&M crop top (similar here), Forever 21 shorts (similar here), unknown wedges (similar here), vintage sunglasses (similar here)
Photography by my sister
Edited by me

Final look of the “Fourth of July” series!

I guess I did channel a bit of Rosie the Riveter for this particular outfit. I mean, how could I not when she is one of our nation’s iconic propaganda figures. So it was only fitting to use her as an inspiration. And what’s more American than denim on denim (well, it happens to be called “Canadian tuxedo”, but that’s besides the point)? The outfit is simple but still makes a statement—a light denim chambray paired with dark denim high-waisted shorts to provide contrast and a white crop top underneath to bring out the blue. But we can’t forget the essential piece of this outfit: the red bandana headband. Simply tie the bandana into a cute headband and throw your hair into a nice bun or ponytail because who knows what sorts of patriotic mayhem you’ll be getting into today. I specifically chose white super-high wedges just because I wanted to give the illusion of elongating my legs even further in my high-waisted shorts (I can’t help it, my legs are pretty short so I gotta make do). But of course, if you are blessed with beautiful long legs, then any pair of comfy shoes would work. That concludes the series with another fun but classic look for July 4th.

Four outfits in four days for the fourth day in July. I hope my outfit ideas were somewhat helpful or inspirational for your July 4th celebration—whether it be at a BBQ, in the city, chilling at home, or all of the above, I tried my best to style a look that would accommodate any Flag Day celebrations. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday with friends and family, stuffing your faces with ridiculous amounts of food while staying cool as much as possible.

Patriotically yours,
Mai Sunshine

Style tip: The chambray is already pretty big and loose so you want to contrast that with a tight crop top and shorts.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Fourth of July Series: Stars and Stripes

H&M men's tee, Forever 21 skirt, Necessary Clothing shoes, Keds sunglasses (similar here)
Photography by my sister
Edited by me

Happy eve of Fourth of July!

Alright, so I decided to have a little fun with this one because sometimes, just throwing on a basic graphic tee and simple cotton skirt is just all we need to feel festive and have fun. I kept this look colorful and and easy for those who are going to be out and about this fourth of July. I happened to have found this graphic tee in H&M's men's section. Sometimes, I'd rather wear the loose, bigger tees for guys when I'm too lazy to really wear anything else. And this tee was perfect for this Independence Day...well, half of it at least but nonetheless, it's still appropriately patriotic. The cotton striped pencil skirt is actually something I bought like five or six years ago and I'm surprised I managed to keep it for this long and still find a way to style it. As a matter of fact, Forever 21 still sells it for the same exact price I bought it! I'm also pretty sure most of us have this lying around in our closets. Talk about staple pieces. Stripes never really go out of style anyways--there's always a way to easily wear it so I guess I'm glad I haven't given it away yet. The whole outfit is very colorful and almost obnoxiously R,W&B but why not have a little extra fun for this favorite summer holiday? Show off that American pride!

Last outfit will be posted tomorrow! If you still haven't found a Fourth of July look yet then hopefully, tomorrow will be the one.

Summer fun-in',
Mai Sunshine

Style tip: Don't be intimidated by the bold stripes and loud graphic tee. As long as they stay within your color scheme, they'll perfectly as a fun combo. 

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Fourth of July Series: White on White

H&M vest (similar here), Boohoo corset (flag version here), DailyLook trousers c/o, Madden Girl sandals (on sale!)
Photography by my sister
Edited by me

And let the "Fourth of July" series continue!

White on white has become a huge trend this season and I couldn't approve any more. I mean, who cares if you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day--fashion rules were meant to be broken anyways. And especially for the summer, white really pops out, not to mention, makes you look tanner, too. That's why I was extremely excited to receive these white trousers from DailyLook because they're so classy yet versatile--you can either dress them up or down--and I've been wanting the perfect pair of trousers for a while, so they were ideal (just got to be extra careful where I sit now). I'm not much of a pants person in the summer unless they're loose and light material, which further validated these perfect pair. So I paired them with a corset top my sister bought me a while ago when corset tops were first introduced. The overall white on white of the two really brought out the vibrant reds and blues in the top, which was appropriate enough to pass off as the R,W&B of the look because you know, it is July 4th and all. I threw on a denim vest over to balance out the fit of the corset top and trousers while adding some texture without overwhelming either. This outfit is perfect for light July 4th festivities but just a word of advice, carry a Tide-to-go pen because if you're anything like me, those white trousers won't be white much longer.

Third look of the series will be posted tomorrow! And here's a hint: it's also red, white, and blue :P

Until tomorrow,
Mai Sunshine

Style tip: To pull off the white on white, it's probably best to keep them as close as possible.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Fourth of July Series: Weekend Getaway

Mossimo top via Target (similar here), thrifted maxi skirt (similar here), thrifted belt, thrifted necklace, thrifted bag (similar here), Target sandals
Photography by my sister
Edited by me

Yes, here we go again--yet another holiday series brought to you by Mai Sunshine. I can't help it, I have fun putting different looks together for celebratory events. A 20-something version of playing dress-up, if you will, because girls never really get over that phase since the day we tried on our mom's clothes. And also because I am probably one of the most indecisive people you'll ever meet so it's only instinctive of me to lay out enough options for those just-in-case moments. Well, for those who enjoy these sort of series, I am more than happy to oblige. 

Every year, I do something different to celebrate the Fourth of July. Sometimes I'm with friends, relaxing and being lazy until the fireworks start, and other times I'm with my family, constantly on the move trying to keep up with my mom's crazy packed itinerary for the day. Either way, it's an event meant to spend and enjoy with great company. And of course, we can't forget about the most anticipated part of the day: the fireworks. It's just something about those colorful lights bursting against the black sky that make it both beautiful and exciting. I know I'll be grabbing front row seats to this patriotic lights show. 

Alright, back to the outfit. So my first look is more subtly patriotic but still has your American flag colors because when else are we going to go all out with red, white & blue during the year? It's also very feminine and classy--I was imagining a mini weekend getaway on a boat or in the massive neighborhoods of the Hamptons. I mean, that's now what you have to do to wear this kind of outfit but that's what sort of theme I had as inspiration. I love the pleats on the maxi skirt, which give it a very classy touch, and the tiny polka dots make it look a bit more fun. I also like that the maxi skirt isn't completely floor length so it's more casual and daytime-looking. A simple white chiffon top will keep the focus on the skirt but still keeping the femininity and the necklace added that pop of red to complete the R,W&B. A very girly but fun look to casually enjoy your July 4th Friday.

Second look will be up tomorrow so stay tuned!

As always,
Mai Sunshine

Style tip: Make sure to cinch the waist with a high-waisted belt since the top and skirt are loose-fitting. The light brown color contrasts nicely against the navy skirt.

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