Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Devilishly Angelic


On me: H&M jacket, H&M sweater, DailyLook trousers, Windsor heels, CottonOn beanie
On Sam: Forever 21 jumpsuit, Forever 21 cardigan, Call It Spring heels
Photographed and edited by Anthony King

The girls are back! I told you we had more collaborations coming and if you missed our first one, make sure you check it out here

So instead of coordinating our outfits based on colors this time, we decided to contrast our outfits in bold colors. Me in stark all white and Sam in dramatic wine red. You can almost say it's our stylish version of the angel and devil (although, Sam is no devil!). We also accented each other's outfits to bring out the vibrant colors. Since I'm black haired and tan, I went for an all white look. And I don't know who ever said it was wrong to wear white in the winter because if you ask me, it's probably the best time to wear white. Especially for someone with my complexion and hair color, it's when we look most radiant and glowing. Sam stood out more in the deep red to contrast her fairer skin and lighter hair. And she totally rocked those bold red lips! Her beige cardigan and black and white scarf lightened up the heavy color.

I like how we portrayed this specific collaboration simply because it reminds me of how different people can be yet still find a way to complement each other. Sam and I definitely come from completely different backgrounds but we share the same strong passion for our personal goals. She with dance and me with fashion. And when you're surrounded by people who are equally passionate about something with continuous motivation and drive, you can't help but feel pushed and determined yourself because if they can do it, so can you. I was so glad to be able to collaborate with same because aside from the amazing photos and coordinated outfits, I was able to share a bit of my passion with hers while she showed me a clip of hers. (Watch here!)

That's the beauty of working with various talents--we get to share it with others.

Stay warm and cozy,
Mai Sunshine

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sweet, Sweet Reverie

Reverie NY blazer c/o, thrifted dress, ASOS suspender tights, H&M heeled booties
Photographed by Pedro Morales
Edited by me

I feel like I've been an a positivity high lately. And if you haven't already noticed my attitude change in the past couple of blog posts, then you'll definitely get it in this post. I just can't help but share my latest life epiphany and the wonders it's brought. I don't mean to sound like a self-help book or a motivational speaker, but it's something important that's happened for me, especially since I've grown up as such a negative and discouraged person all my life. This is such a beautiful breath of fresh air. My friend recently suggested this movie called "The Secret" (I'm pretty sure it's a book, too) that's mainly about getting into the mindset of believing positive things happen and when you do so, more positive outcomes will present themselves. It's actually funny because before I even heard of this movie, I was already starting to do this on my own. Every night, I would write down at least 3 things that made me happy that day and the more I started doing that, the more positive things happened. I wish I was exaggerating it, but honestly, I can't lie about how many opportunities have opened up for me ever since I became more aware of the positives in my life. As corny and borderline too-good-to-be-true it may sound, it really has helped me become an overall better person. And that's my secret. 

So of course I would feature Reverie NY in this post as I talk about hopeful beginnings. It seemed pretty fitting enough since I am on a personal reverie. Remember my wintery Reverie NY post here? Well, here's another piece I love from their unique NY style. The blazer is a boyfriend fit so it's oversized and loose. But my favorite part is the detailed under-collar. Aside from the unconventional, clean cut, the collar detail makes this blazer different from the rest, which is just what I needed since my only boyfriend blazer is pretty basic and old. I paired it with my printed thrift shift dress to bring out some color and added a little extra with my heart suspender tights. 

Sharing my positive vibes with you all because we all deserve it :)

Mai Sunshine

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Purr, It's Cold in Here

On Mai: Aeropostale leather jacket, Banana Republic sweater, thrifted flannel, vintage skirt, unknown thigh high socks, Steve Madden booties, Zara beanie
On Sam: H&M white crop top, H&M suspender skirt, Urban Outfitters leather jacket, H&M scarf, Steve Madden booties
Photographed and edited by Anthony King
Styled by me

2015 is the year of collaborations for me. Or at least that's how it's starting out, anyways. But I don't mind because it gives me a chance to network with so many talented individuals and who aren't just in fashion either. We all have something special to share with the world and we all deserve a little more recognition than we're given. That's why I'm trying to meet people who are just as passionate about something they love as I do with fashion. Meet Sam Glennester, one of the most talented and dedicated dancers I know in NY. For those who don't know, I do dance on the side and I definitely look up to her as one of my inspirations so it was pretty amazing to get to collaborate with her! Check out her latest video here

For our first shoot together we wanted to keep it edgy and tough in black, white, and hints of red. I wanted to make sure we displayed our own style while keeping the colors the same. Being a NY dancer who travels all the time, Sam likes to make sure she's comfortable above all else but that doesn't mean she compromises her street style. Here she pairs a crop top with a suspender skirt and an Obey bomber jacket. I, on the other hand, am always adding a chic and sophisticated flare to my outfits. I played with textures by pairing my quilted leather jacket with my quilted sweater and pleated skirt. Two different style that complemented each other pretty nicely. And by the way, we were freezing our asses off shooting that day if you couldn't already tell by our red noses (I guess it matched the color palette). 

Expect many more Mai/Sam collaborations to come! (Hint: we did another outfit on that cold, cold day too)

Stay warm loves,
Mai Sunshine

Friday, January 9, 2015

A Happy Birthday to the Sister

 On me: Polo Ralph Lauren sweater, CottonOn skirt, Zara coat, Forever 21 hat, Gap socks, H&M booties, Aldo necklace
On Lara: Thrifted sweater, H&M leggings, Asos coat, Foxiedox faux fur vest, H&M beanie, Converse sneakers
Photography and edit by Anthony King

Prepare the tissues. Here comes the waterworks.

Dear Lara,

Today you turn 18. Un. Freaking. Believable. I still can't fathom that my little sister, my baby sister, is no longer a baby. And even though you are 5 years younger, you continue to teach me things I didn't think a mind of your age could fathom. I admiringly commend you for the struggles you go through while staying the young and naive teenage rebellion you are. The hardships you face oftentimes question your sense of character but you manage to remain headstrong. You emit a wild-spirited energy that I admire so much and I hope it'll never change the older you get. Your mind is already mature but your heart stays pure. You never fail to think of others first even when your happiness is at jeopardy but you can't help it because generosity runs through those vulnerable veins. You are a beautiful kind-hearted soul that sometimes needs a little help realizing so. But that's what I'm here for--to remind you that you deserve the world. 

If there were such things as soulmates, I believe you are mine because I don't need a significant other to complement me the way you do. We are so in sync yet so different at the same time. And as with any sibling relationship, we fight until the world crashes but it only takes a few minutes for us to forget it all. I know I may be overbearing and overly motherly (maybe even embarrassing), often worrying over your careless ways, but I know that you always make it somehow, no matter how eclectic or unusual you do so. I can already see a colorful future ahead for you because you are truly one-of-a-kind.

Happy Birthday little one. May you continue to shine light on the ones you love with that precious smile of yours.

Your Mai Mai

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Waves

Vintage DKNY sweater, thrifted Forever 21 skirt, H&M booties
Photography and edited by Anthony King

Not going to lie, I'm pretty excited about this year. For some reason, I have a good feeling amazing change is coming my way and I'm ready to tackle the opportunities head on. I've recently let go of one of my jobs because I realized I needed more time to focus on personal goals since that is one of my New Year resolutions. And man, I had no idea how much of a burden it was to be working 7 days a week. The exhaustion was piling up and the stress was never-ending. I was becoming a very bitter person and I didn't like it one bit. I knew I couldn't continue like this if I wanted to lead a more positive life. Change was imperative. So first step to minimizing stress was to give myself days off to rest, recover, relax, but most importantly, plan big things for this blog. This is the year you'll see Little Mai Sunshine mature. Pinky promise.

Hope you'll all continue to stay on this journey with me!

Mai Sunshine

Friday, January 2, 2015


 Asos coat, H&M top, H&M leggings, H&M necklace, Dharma sunglasses c/o, Converse sneakers
Photography and edited by Anthony King

Happy New Year!

And here we are, entering the new year of 2015. A clean slate to start anew with any mistakes in the past, any relationships we'd like to amend, any regrets we'd like to make up for. A fresh beginning to explore new journeys, create more adventures, define further boundaries. It's refreshing knowing that 2014's baggage doesn't have to be carried over if you don't want it to. A new year means new chances and we have that freedom to take any opportunity we want. I'm excited for 2015 because I know I can be better and I know this is the year things will start looking up. 2014 was good to me but I know what I have to improve on if 2015 is going to better.

That's not to say I don't appreciate what 2014 gave to me. I've experienced incredible moments and have learned much more about myself and my pursuit of personal happiness than I ever have. I've finally taken action to focus on the positive things in life to get me through the bad. And I've also pushed my limits to seize any exciting opportunity offered. It was a learning process with many mistakes but I don't regret any of it because I wouldn't be who I am without those experiences. This past year has been a great big transition into the real world that I've been struggling to adjust to but I have a pretty good feeling 2015 will be the year things will finally start to come together, beginning with the blog. Definitely expect some changes and additions. 

I'm not big on New Year resolutions not only is it hard to come up with realistic resolutions to fulfill, but also because there is always something new I am trying to achieve. So for me to sit down and list all the things I hope to accomplish in the upcoming year will only limit myself to specific goals when in actuality, my goals are ever-changing and growing. But I will restate the main goals I continuously work on every year because they should be constant reminders for me, especially during times of strife:

1. Remember the positives to carry me through the bad times.
2. Stay open to opportunities but don't compromise my happiness.
3. Appreciate everything.
4. Trust that things do get better but don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen.
5. Follow my intuition but stay open-minded. 
6. Nothing is perfect but that doesn't mean I can't be happy.

This is just my basic list. I have much much more for my 2015 list but like I said, I'll always be adding more and changing others. 

I hope you all are enjoying your first few days of the New Year! Let's make the most of what 2015 brings us.

"In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away."

New year same me,
Mai Sunshine