Thursday, September 11, 2014

Goodbye, Summer

Hello there!

Thought I'd share the rest of my California trip from a few weeks ago at the end of my summer vacation. There were just too many beautiful places to document over there that I couldn't let these photos hide away in the depths of my photo library. And with the temperatures slowly decreasing as we approach the crisp Fall weather, I wanted to formally bid a farewell to an unforgettable summer trip in the everlasting shining West Coast sun. 

I don't travel much. In fact, the furthest I've been away from the U.S. is probably the Bahamas or Cancun on very brief getaways. But even then, they were much needed R&R time away from my hectic life in the city (or close to it). Traveling to various countries is definitely something I want to experience, hopefully, in the near future. I've got Spain, Morocco, Brazil, France, Turkey, Germany, England, Greece, Thailand, and many more on my list of places to visit. There's just something so invigorating about fully immersing yourself in a foreign culture that I just can't wait to partake in and share as part of my personal blog. 

Anyways, while that is still dreams away, I'm grateful for being able to visit as much as I can now even within the states. I am unquestionably a sunshine girl (if you couldn't already tell by the name), which means anywhere there is the sun, I am beyond happy...oh, and water, lots and lots of water. So I'd like to think that I have an inner California side since I can never get enough of the sun and beaches. Don't get me wrong, I will always categorize myself as a city chick, but don't we all have that secret side aside from our normal lives?  So while I'll never really leave this Big Apple of mine I call home, I'm also glad I have a place to call home on the other side of the country as well.

Til next time, Summer.

Mai Sunshine

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fallen Shadows

Mossimo top via Target (similar here), Forever 21 shorts (similar here), H&M kimono (similar here), Madden Girl sandals, Dharma Co. sunglasses c/o
Photography by my sister

Impromptu photoshoots are the best--you (conveniently) have a great outfit on and the scenery is beyond perfection, not to mention you just so happen to have a camera on hand (and photographer, of course). Basically sums up how these pictures came about. This was one of many Cali adventures I embarked on with my two sisters on a hot, hot summer day to DTLA. I've always seen and heard about the wonderfully majestic Walt Disney Concert Hall but I just had to witness the uniquely crafted slate blues for myself. As we were wandering around the incredibly tall maze of a structure, we came across this quaint outdoor theater on the rooftop beside the park. The light fixtures and trees created playful shadows against the wall and we just knew we had to have a photoshoot with the beautiful backdrop.

I played with different shades of blue in this particular outfit since the kimono had an ombre effect. I wanted to keep the rest of the look simple since the cardigan already had a lot going on and I don't know about you, but during the summer I like to keep things simple since it's too hot out to wear much. The bit of scalloped edges on the shorts and double strap detail on the top were subtle ways to add a little extra to the outfit. I kept my hair slicked back for a chic look and threw on my hoops and favorite sunnies.

I hope you're all having a wonderful first week of September!

Summertime blues,
Mai Sunshine

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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Crochet one-piece via eBay (similar here), thrifted shorts (similar here), DIY headpiece, H&M sandals (similar here),
Photography and edited by Christopher Cheng

As I've mentioned before, this Music Festival series is my summer nostalgia even though the summer isn't exactly over yet. But looking back at everything I've accomplished and done this season, I'm already missing the easy and carefree living--not ready to say goodbye to my outdoor adventures. That's why I wanted to conclude summer with an outfit series that represented the summer season: music festivals. Although I haven't been to one myself, there were so many different festivals this year that I couldn't help but imagine what it'd be like to attend one. Thus, I present the last look of the Music Festival outfit series with this Pocahontas-esque ensemble. My mom bought this crochet monokini off eBay for me for no apparent reason. I don't think I'd ever have a real occasion to wear it other than a music festival and I don't believe in crochet swimwear so what better way to make use of it then to incorporate it into an outfit series. I mean a crochet one-piece is pretty bohemian itself. I decided to play around with it even more by adding a braided headband and attaching these long feather earrings to it to create a bohemian hairpiece. Since I was using mostly dark colors on top, I paired the monokini with my favorite striped high-waisted shorts.

I hope you enjoyed another one of my outfit series! I have so much fun creating different outfits around a theme so definitely expect more in the near future. I hope you all enjoy the last week of your summer vacation doing every bit of relaxing and/or having fun before resuming work or school.

Feeling nostalgic for summer already,
Mai Sunshine

Style tip: Most people would say brown and black don't match but it can definitely work together if you use something that brings the colors together. For instance, in this outfit, the feathers incorporated both colors so the headpiece and monokini were more cohesive.

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Forever 21 fringe cardigan (similar here), SammyDress top c/o, AE denim shorts (similar here), Forever 21 hat (similar here)
Photography and edited by Christopher Cheng

If fringe doesn't say bohemian then I don't know what does. I've probably beaten down that term way too many times in this series but I honestly have no idea what else to call all these different outfit styles. And when I think of Music Festivals, that's what I think of. Thus, with that in mind, I decided to throw all things boho in one outfit including this fringe dress that SammyDress has kindly sent me to further indulge my inner hippie. I wanted to keep the colors simple and light so that the big floppy hat was the center of attention in this particular outfit. The simple print on the dress and the cardigan's design created layers of texture for extra play on pattern without compromising overwhelming colors. I like that the cardigan is longer than the dress so that the fringe on both pieces didn't overlap. And though it seems like a lot of layers, they're all really light pieces that won't keep you overheated out in the sun all day, especially since the hat will protect you!

Tomorrow is the last look of the Music Festival series! One more boho chic look to wrap up the summer season.

Fringefully yours,
Mai Sunshine

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Playfully Bold

Forever 21 top (similar here), thrifted shorts (similar here), bowler hat via eBay (similar here), Topshop flatforms (similar here)
Photography and edited by Christopher Cheng

A bit delayed but here is the third look of the Music Festival series! I decided to be a little more playful and fun while playing (pun intended?) around with patterns and accessories. These music festivals get pretty hot, both literally and figuratively, so less is more and simplicity is key. From all the styles I've seen at these music festivals, it's usually the thing to be more simple but unique in casual wear. So if you didn't want to be as girly and bohemian as the last two looks of the series, then this is probably more appealing to you. I love that crop halter tops are in because they're so 90's but completely wearable with just about anything for the summer. I decided to pair this navy one (that's only $6 from Forever 21!) with my comfy giraffe-like patterned shorts since they had a hint of navy as well. But to play up the look a bit more, I added this fun little bowler hat to stand out.

I hope you liked my third Music Festival outfit for the series! Stay tuned for tomorrow's look!

Playfully yours,
Mai Sunshine

Style tip: A simple colored top will bring out the pattern more in the shorts, especially with the subtle hint of navy.

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