[ Listen ] A Self-Love & Joyful Podcast

(Link to the podcast  here )

(Link to the podcast here)

I just love how social media can connect you to so many communities, especially those specifically aligned with your passions. I was added to the Facebook group, We Are Women Owned Sisterhood, and have been beautifully introduced to an entire world of female entrepreneurs, go-getters, leaders, and just all-around boss as fuck ladies. I mean, as a female hustler myself, this is freaking jackpot of my networking dreams.

I immediately connected with so many inspiring ladies who are all doing something for the world, but what's even more amazing is how supportive everyone is of one another. Talk about "ladies get in formation." And so I (digitally) met Sydney Weiss, the creator, host, and producer behind "Seek The Joy Podcast", a series of podcast episodes featuring real conversations and personal stories (I shared mine here!) all bounded by the idea that we are each exploring our journeys towards individual happinesses and hoping to, well, seek our joy.

I absolutely love listening to this particular podcast because, while I love learning more about the greater world around us, I get to hear stories from everyday people and the amazing triumphs they've conquered through their unique experiences, no matter how big or small. It just reminds me that even in the midst of comprehending the bigger picture of our world, we are also each getting through our own battles, despite it all. And we forget to credit each other, even ourselves, for these little victories.

Give it a listen, feel the love, and awaken your self-love.

(Link to the podcast here)